First week of the RULE OF THREE!!!

Today is the first post of a month-long story, which I'll be posting on Wednesdays. (We dressed up with a new header/title picture thingy...special thanks to my big sister, Anna ;) The story is in a shared world of a village called Renaissance with all the 70 some participants taking their story off from there with weekly prompts. (Please click on the bade to the left to get all the rules, hosts and other participants.) The prompt that I chose for this first week is an argument. My three characters I'll be highlighting are Pierre, Chloé and Sandrine from my current WIP. (The word count is 493.)

“Have you seen anyone use magic?” Pierre said as they crossed the village square of cobblestone buildings. Ever since their arrival the tiny village, he'd felt something. Not excitement exactly. Maybe apprehension. The stares of group of passing teens didn't reassure him.

Chloé rolled her eyes under their black liquid-liner lids. “I know what you're thinking. Not likely. They were looking at me weird, though.”

Pierre couldn't resist. “Or your 'look' just doesn't fit in with the wholesome country crowd.” He motioned to her mandarin-collared tunic and baggy Indian pants. “You kind of waddle.”

“You really wanna fight about my fashion choices, flannel man? Ya see the Roundeli mountains to the north? They're almost visible today, but that doesn't mean they're any closer.”

Pierre ruffled his spiky hair. “I think this is supposed to be about the journey. How else is Sandrine going to do it? After days in the Culdees forest, it isn't by chance that the first town we find is named Renaissance.” They both turned to the curly-haired teen behind them.

“You know what you want at the bakery, Sandrine?” Pierre asked.

The curly-haired teen passed her friends and went straight inside. “Hello!” she sang. “I'd like three croissants, three pain au chocolat!”

The stare of the blonde girl at the counter drew Pierre's attention. The girl didn't use a bit of magic; she even went to the back for a bigger sack instead of enlarging the small one.

“Can you tell us the fastest way civilization?” Chloé smiled, but the girl dropped eye contact.

“Uh, the Villein route passes not far from here.”

Pierre leaned on the counter. “Actually, we might hang around. Can you tell us about the town? It's seems...neat.”

The girl relaxed a little. “Most business people came here not long ago. It's a good place”

“Seems cozy.” Chloé rolled her eyes. “Why did you come?”

“We had to...well, after...” The girl looked from one to the other, cornered, and stopped talking.

Pierre shot Cholé a silent shut-up and decided to risk it. “You seem like a kind person and we've had a really tough couple of weeks. Would you mind showing us around; ya know, where to get pizza, a youth hostel, that kind of thing?”

The girl warmed instantly, a smile bringing color to her pale face. “Everyone is welcome in Renaissance. Come back here at seven, when I close.”

“Thanks!” Sandrine pipped up. “Can you point us towards a park?”

As they left and followed the girl's directions to the park, Pierre looked around the square to see if anyone was watching, then touched his index to a paper napkin. There was a small red spark, then nothing. Nothing. Pierre sighed. Arguing wasn't moving them forward, but he really believed that somewhere in this town was the answer to their search.

Here's a link to the second part of the story and the third part.


  1. Nice entry! Just something I want to point out: Sandrine flicks through opposite reactions very fast. Friendly/reticent/friendly/not etc.

    Doesn't feel as natural to read as Cloe and Pierre.


  2. P.S. Love the new banner. Fits your blog perfectly.

  3. Dropping by to say hi :)
    A nice start. Love that you're using magic. :D

  4. I wonder what they are looking for exactly and if they'll find it at the end of this challenge :)

  5. Modern day fantasy quest? Interesting start! I look forward to reading more. =)

  6. love magic! can't wait to see what it is they're looking for. :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Misha, Sandrine is my more difficult character - I was going for her being preoccupied, but in rereading I see I never really showed that! Thanks!

  8. Seems like the magic may not be working as well here? Interesting to see where this goes.

  9. Interesting, a combination of magic and modern day. Only, it seams it's not working right, I wonder why :)

  10. Looking forward to the next installment.

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    Tale Spinning


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