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Hello, friend! I'm Jenna Quentin. I'm a writer. I'm fired up for relationships and stories. I serve businesses and individuals who need help putting their stories in print; I write and edit blog posts, website content, articles, proposals. Let me assist you in finding your words and so everyone can fall in love with your story.

Over the last decade as a freelance writer, I've worked with businesses such as Cloud Nine Venue LLC, Dopps Chiropractic NE, and MKEC Engineering Inc.

My work has been featured in the Wichita Moms Blog, the Newton Kansan, the Harvey County Independent and Focus on the Family magazines.

I have co-written and self published a memoir for a foster mother, titled What I'm Going To Be When They Grow Up.

Most days you can find me teaching my four children, giving my daughter feminine solidarity as we watch the antics of her three brothers. I'm on the board of our non-profit home school group, where I serve as secretary—they said, “You do the words.” I love to learn how to do new things.

I'm a cheese aficionado. I love to cook French cuisine with the combined guidance of my French mother-in-law and her sister, and Julia Child. I have ignored my husband's cat for over ten years. She is the trifecta of attitude: French, feline and female. I love staying up late talking to my sizzling French firefighter husband—when he is on duty, I stay up reading on more chapter of a Young Adult novel or texting my besties.

Here's five things that will probably come up in our friendship.
  • I'm afraid of moths. So you will need to jump up and kill it.
  • I bake when I'm emotional. Please help me eat all this.
  • I love community building and neighbors. Let's hang out!
  • Dirty Chai lattes comfort my soul. Bring me one.
  • I've buried two miscarried babies and my dad, who died suddenly of a heart attack when he was 52 years-old. It's ok to talk about what hurts.
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